Welcome! The original focus of this blog was to log my photographic pursuits, and it was the home of my 366 day photo challenge. Things have shifted a bit, and now I’ll be sharing my thoughts and adventures in trail and ultra running.


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  1. Love the photos, you’ve got skill. Gotta ask, what provoked the photo challenge? I’ve been snapping daily pics for almost 5 years now, I love it. Just wanted to hear your thoughts. Again, the photos are legit!

    • Thanks! I decided to start the 365 day challenge after completing a 30 day challenge and completely loving it. One of my problems in the past was not shooting very often because I didn’t have a reason to shoot. If I wasn’t going somewhere with the sole intention of taking photos, or if I didn’t have a portrait shoot lined up, my camera was collecting dust. The challenge fixes all that! I love having a reason to use my camera every day, and I love taking the time to think creatively every day even if it’s just for a few minutes.

      • I hear you, I have wrestled with taking my photography to the next level by getting my hands on a DSLR, but instead I have settled for the convenience of a pocket-sized point and shoot. At the moment, it’s more about capturing the memories than art. HOWEVER, I want to be there. Your pics are solid, how much did your rig set you back? It might be time to join the big boys…

      • I’m shooting with a Nikon D7000 now, but started with a D70s and shot with that for 5 years prior. It’s kind of up to you on what you think your initial investment should be, but I’d suggest starting with a D3100s and a kit lens and learn the ins and out of a DSLR from there. You don’t want to get too much camera and overwhelm yourself. The camera is just a tool, the photographer is the one that chooses the framing and composition, and recognizes good lighting.

  2. Wow! What a fantastic mix of great photos! I am just a beginner at photography (and WordPress) and just have a compact camera and hardly know how to use it yet. Your blog is sooo inspiring in it´s quality and versitility. May I ask you what dimensions your are using to upload your photos here with? Yours look so great you can hardly tell that you have compressed them, when I try they look terrible, and blurry, and just awful (and not only because they aren´t very good to begin with lol), any tips? 🙂

  3. you have a great blog here and your 366 Day Photo Challenge is great. I mean, you actually have stunning photos each day and they are not poor composition photos that you took in like a few seconds. What i mean is that in such short time you have actually posted some great shots. Keep it up.

    • Thanks! I’ve tried to do my best and always produce a well thought out image. I know some days aren’t as strong as others, but as anyone that has attempted a daily challenge can attest, it’s not easy to always think of something hehe.

  4. Sounds like you were lucky enough to find one of those jobs that match perfectly with outdoor/ nature photography. Very lucky to be in that position. 2011 has been big for me in developing as a photographer as well, hope all the best for you in the future.

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