June Traini….Holy Sh!*@ My 50 Miler is in a Week!!!

Things have been getting more and more real with each passing day. I have moments where the task seems daunting, but for the most part the challenge exhilarates me. I’ve trained a long time for this; I’m crossing that finish line.

The Mary’s Peak 50k went well, but there were still some lessons learned there. Probably the most crucial being that my original nutrition plan was not going to work. I’ve gone from drinking Tailwind for calories and electrolytes, and supplementing with solid food here and there, to relying solely on what the aid stations offerings, drinking pure water, and taking S-caps for electrolytes. I’ve tested it out on every long run since the 50k and things seem to work fine. For a 25 miler I ran a series of out and backs from my car that was stocked with PB&J’s and a bottle of S-caps. I never experienced any of the cramping that I did towards the end the 50k since I was doing nothing to replace electrolytes after dumping my tailwind halfway through. I realize that the effort level on race day is much greater than a training run, so I’m sure there are still some unknown variables out there. I was also entertaining the idea of just using a handheld instead of a hydration vest since I was no longer carrying my fuel, but my 20 ounce bottle was running dry too fast on the 25 miler. The forecast is predicting a high of 90 in Ashland for race day, and I’ve been told by several people that the race is notoriously hot and the course is exposed. Much better to have the extra water than not enough. Even with a 6am start time, I’ll be out there in excess of 10 hours. There is no avoiding the heat of the day.

Embrace the Suck


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