February Training Reflections

February was quite a different training month than January. I was adapting well and very much enjoying the increase in mileage, and then I was hit with a one-two punch of terrible winter weather and training/life balance issues. Most frustrating of all was the ice storm that prevented my dad, wife, and I from running the Sylamore 25k that we’d been talking about running for roughly a year. Not exactly a training run that can be rescheduled.

I still managed to get out and complete a fair amount of the training runs for the month, they just had to be shortened sometimes. I’d like to think the extra effort it took to trail run through 7 inches of fresh snow made up for some of the lack of distance, but I’m still aggravated that 3 weeks were well below my planned mileage.

Some good came from the adverse conditions though. The inability to use my usual paved trail system for my weekday morning runs forced me to explore other road routes through the neighborhoods. Plenty of hilly options to mix it up from the usual routine now too. There is also nothing quite like running through fresh snow. The world becomes so peaceful, like no one exists but you.

I guess the big take away for this month is to learn to roll with the punches, and trust it will all work out come race day. March promises much warmer weather, and with that, hopefully a return to higher weekly mileage. I managed to get out and enjoy the nice weather today with a 23 mile trail run.

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One thought on “February Training Reflections

  1. I convinced myself for most of the month that those snowy runs were making me stronger for when the nicer weather returned. Just think, no matter what, it’s better than what you did last February!

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