In the coming weeks, and for the foreseeable future, I’ll be chronicling my journey into trail and ultra running. It won’t be a training log, but more about the thoughts and adventures, and probably some lessons learned, as I continue to push the distance. All of my past photography posts will remain, and there may even be some photography related posts, but the primary focus of the site has shifted.

I began running last January, worked up to my first 5k in March, and eventually worked up to a marathon in December. Along the way I started trail running, which is when I really got hooked. In the process of reading and educating myself about running, I came across stories of ultra running. An ultra is any distance greater than a marathon, which is 26.2 miles, with the most popular ultra distances being 50k, 50 miles, 100k, and 100 miles. When I first read about ultra running in Born to Run it sounded like an amazing adventure. Where most might think there is no way they could accomplish such a thing, I became very intrigued. On June 6th I’ll be running the Kettle Moraine 100k. Who knows after that. There are a lot of training miles to cover between now and then, but I hope you’ll enjoy the journey between here, there, and beyond.


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