Questions for Subscribers

I have a question for all of you that keep up with this blog. How do you subscribe? Do you prefer email, do you use RSS, or do you use WordPress’ built in reader to follow blogs? If I decided to move this blog and all its contents over to my main photography page, would you still follow? The benefit of moving it would make for a more uniform experience, eliminate ads for non wordpress users, and also allow me to take advantage of all the features and storage that I pay for with Zenfolio. My main fear of leaving the wordpress community is losing just that, the community. Thoughts?




16 thoughts on “Questions for Subscribers

  1. I use WordPress’s Reader—when it works. My only experience with people who move their blog is one blog that I used to follow and he moved it to another site. I checked it out once or twice, but that was it. It went off the radar for me.

    • This has been my experience too. Blogs that I used to follow religiously are off my radar screen as well.

      As for your blog, I get both an email notification and you are in my reader, so depending on my mood . . .

      • Same for me as with Carissa. Which I prefer is a hard one. I don’t want too many emails, but reader pushes things by very quickly. I don’t maintain an RSS feed.
        I have had to make an effort to track down a couple of blogs that moved. I missed the notice about the move, and eventually wondered where they had got to. They had kept a link going in their old place and that helped, but I notice that one of them reverted back to the old blog location – I think he lost too much audience and was getting a lot of traffic at the old place for some of his good posts.

      • I guess I should add – I have a narrow community. I don’t follow hardly any blogs outside of WP, I don’t even go looking for them. There just is not enough time.

  2. Thanks for the input, everyone. It seems that staying on WordPress is my best option then. I have 231 followers, and that isn’t something I want to lose. From Jan of 2012 to May of 2012 I was averaging over 1300 views a month, but in June things tanked and stayed pretty slow for the remainder of the year. Not sure what changed there.

    Anymore, I’m honestly terrible about following anything. I try using the wordpress reader, but it’s never current. I’ll have a few recent posts then it shows me things that are 3 months old. RSS just piles up and I never check it. Email is about the same, I just forget to go back and check things. I was much better about keeping up with everything and everyone when before I graduated. It seems now my laptop is rarely even open. And I just discovered that I wasn’t following ephem’s blog anymore, when that’s one that I was following from day one. WordPress frustrates me sometimes.

  3. I follow your blog on the wordpress reader. I also follow a lot of blogs by RSS. Just in case it’s helpful, I’ll share my experience moving…I started blogging on in 2005. In late 2009, I started two self hosted blogs. I’ve used smugmug for my photo site for longer than that. I thought I’d just integrate the self hosted blog with smug more seamlessly. Of course this was before wordpress started the whole following/like etc. System. Anyway, I think I lost everyone from wordpress pretty much when I made the move. But I developed a really healthy following on my new site. Then, last year when we were on vacation (no internet for about 6 weeks) my hosting company had a snafu, and I lost my site. After that, I decided to come back to (my two sites on it were safe and sound – the 2 self hosted…gone). Now I have to rebuild it all. I’m getting ready to upload all my backups of posts from 2009 to early 2012…What a hassle! I really wish I had just stayed at the original spot and just built it up, instead of moving and losing friends and content a couple of times now. It kind of made sense in 2009, as there was no wordpress community to speak of and the themes/upgrades were limited. But now, I feel like I jumped to soon.

    Also, about the falloff in views…I think the wordpress reader encourages people to only view the articles in the reader and not onsite. Because I link from my smugmug, instead of re-uploading the photos on wordpress, I can see how many times the photo was actually loaded. On a post with more than one photo, this shows me quite a bit of information. The ratio is about this: view recorded on wordpress stats – 1, first photo of post viewed 100 by smug stats, subsequent photos viewed 25 by smug stats. So I’m guessing from that info, that people that view my blog in reader are about 1/4 of my readers, and so they see all the photos. In WordPress, only a fraction click through and actually read the whole post. Likes are much higher, so I think people just like on that page. Basically what that means to me, is stats on wordpress are basically meaningless at this point. It tells me nothing about how many people actually saw my post.

    One other little thing that might help…on the dashboard, go to all posts…then click on the stats for any post. It will show you how many people viewed that post by syndicated views. Do that for a number of posts and you can get a feel for the number of people that are reading your blog by RSS, etc.

    Hope that is not tmi….:-)

  4. Yes. I do it mainly because I’ve mostly lived in countries with slow internet. So uploading twice is not only bad time management, but torture :-). The downside is…if you ever leave zenfolio the links will be broken and you will have to redo all your posts. But I pay quite a bit for my smug hosting, I don’t want to have to pay again here. Plus, I actually think the photo quality is much better as well. I uploaded the same photo to both, and put them in a post, and I could see the difference. But I know some people think this is not a good idea…I think because they believe it is better to have it all on one server. But since 2005, I’ve never lost anything on smug or So it works for me.

    • Yeah, I’ve been tossing around whether or not to keep the zenfolio page up. I love having a polished place to showcase my photography, and I love having the option to sell a print here or there, but the print sales are pretty few and far between. I’d probably be better off just fulfilling them myself. I guess part of all this is me trying to really see where I want to go with photography. For a long time I thought I’d make a career out of it, but anymore I just want to do it for me. Being able to shoot how and when I want without all the pressure is very nice. One of the things I contemplated many times while I was doing my 365 day photo challenge.

  5. Hi Denzil! I follow WordPress blogs through the Reader and chose to get a weekly update on my email for all of them (but I must confess I don’t check the updates on the email very often…). As for the blogs that are not part of WordPress or those that move out, I follow them using Google reader – it works well for me 🙂 So I will keep following you either way!

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