Day 333/366

A frozen dandelion in the pre-sunrise glow.

In other news, I’m pretty excited that 500px finally released their iPhone app today. I almost like it more than their website. For those that aren’t familiar, is a photo sharing website similar to Flickr. It seems to have a lot more activity than Flickr, and the layout of the site is much better in my opinion. I’ve been posting a few of my favorite photos here and there because they have a 10 photo a week maximum for their free account, but their black friday sale was lured me into a half price “awesome” account, so now I’m in the process of uploading a lot more of my work. I’ll probably drop down to just the “plus” account after the year is up, but it’s nice to see what the full experience is like. I get a lot more feedback on my photos at 500px than I ever have on Flickr. More than likely, I’ll be ditching Flickr and going with 500px in the not too distant future (who has the Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme song stuck in their head now?) So if you’re looking for a new photo community I’d check 500px. Even if you don’t sign up right away, check out the quality of the work being submitted, there are some really amazing photos. My profile can be found here.


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