Day 251/366

Playing with bokeh and lights on a rainy night. Tones are warmed up a bit, and the colors have been desaturated. I’m actually a pretty big fan of the grain that the D7000 produces at ISO 1600.


5 thoughts on “Day 251/366

  1. Ah yes. The tones and the grain are wonderful in this shot. Was this taken from a car? I shoot on 1600 too much sometimes just to get that nice grain. And I try to trick myself into thinking I’m shooting in film.

    • Yeah, it was taken from my car. You can see the streaks from the wipers in the photo. I loved how the light was reflecting in the wet street. I’ve never shot film, but I’ve heard a lot about how grain was used aesthetically, but digital’s grain was never pleasing. I don’t know how true it is, and maybe you can lend your opinion, but the D7000 (my camera) is supposedly the first DSLR to get pretty close to the old film grain look. I didn’t use any noise reduction for this image or add grain in post, so this is purely from my camera. How do you think it compares to film grain?

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