Day 242/366

Stopped by the bookstore today. I’m making my first venture into the realm of nonfiction. Fiction has become too predictable and formulaic for me as of late, so I thought I’d find something more adventurous and inspirational. I’m looking forward to reading both, especially the one about Teddy Roosevelt. Just the idea of a former president deciding to go into the Amazon for his next adventure in life seems incredible to me. This country needs more Teddy Roosevelts.

I went with the sepia tone process to reflect the age of the subject matter.


One thought on “Day 242/366

  1. I agree with you, we need more leaders who believe in/live out the rugged individualism and adventure that this country was founded on. Too many “leaders” are too soft! Let’s know how your new reading adventure goes!

    I think you made the right call by going for the antique look

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