Capture the Colour Contest

Travel Supermarket is holding a Capture the Color Photo Contest. The prize? Travel money, and a new iPad. Details can be found here:

I’ve been nominated to participate in the contest by Ines over at I’monnet Photo. I know it’s a very travel centric site, but all of my photos that fit the theme have been taken at various places in rural Illinois. What’s more important though, the location of the photo, or that it is brightly colored?

Red- a photo of a very weathered red barn in rural Illinois.

Blue- a beautiful and eerie full moon.

Green- I believe the stuff is called Horse Grass. I love how the shallow depth of field made it look almost like a painting.


White- Nothing fits white better than my white labrador, Indy.


Yellow- This was the only color that I couldn’t find anything that might be considered cliche. Alas, a yellow sunflower. I found this randomly growing near a construction site.



Another requirement of the contest is that I nominate five bloggers.

I nominate….

Jeremy, from

Pablo, from

Victoria, from

Tracy, from

Melanie, from

I hope you enjoyed the submission, and best of luck everyone!!!



7 thoughts on “Capture the Colour Contest

  1. Nice 🙂 I like the blue one, so soft and shiny, also kind of mysterious.
    Did you notify them? I did via Twitter, but didn’t receive any confirmation… (we are supposed to receive one according to the terms and conditions).

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