Day 234/366

I agree whole heartedly that most music today sounds the same (in a very bad way), especially what’s played on the radio. Gojira is a metal band from France, and they have a sound all of their own. The first time I saw them live was in Fargo, ND when they came with Lamb of God, Machine Head, and Trivium, and “From Mars to Sirius” was their most recent album.  Gojira was incredible live, but there set was only 4 songs, partly because they were the opening band, but mainly because their drums are so intense that they can’t play much more than 4 songs. I hadn’t checked out any of their most recent stuff because I haven’t really been into metal all that much these past few years, but this album blew me away. I’m glad to hear that their style hasn’t changed from when I was first introduced t them, and I’d even go as far as to say “L’enfant sauvage” is better than “From Mars to Sirius.” I recommend checking them out if you’re of the metal persuasion.


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