Day 222/366

I set out in search of a fence post photo for today. The original intention was to find an interesting array of them and then shoot them at a narrow aperture so you’d have infinite dof. The shots I took using that method didn’t turn out as interesting as I’d hoped. The weeds and other random things in the background made the photo seem to cluttered. I still like how this turned out, but I’m trying to explore more than just shallow dof. I think the compression of the telephoto lens worked against me as well. Maybe a wider lens would have left the background less cluttered.


4 thoughts on “Day 222/366

    • Thanks Pablo! I fear that the subject isn’t very clear though. It was meant to be about a fence row, not just a fence post. Even at f/9.0 the dof is very shallow. I experimented with varying apertures, but for some reason this is the only photo of this exact composition. I may go revisit this site and see if I can’t get closer to what I originally intended.

  1. Love the edit job! But I see what you mean about compression, it seems to flatten out the fence line rather than show it’s dimensions. Good luck w/ weeds, though, probably hard to find an old fence w/o them! Can’t wait to see your next image!

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