Day 218/366

Having a bit of a lazy day today so I figured I’d shoot something around the house. As I mentioned, I recently picked up another photography book, Photographically Speaking by David duChemin. It’s the fourth book of his that I’ve read, and I always find him to be very inspirational. Most photography books I’ve looked through have been very heavy on the technical side, and that isn’t really what I’m concerned with. I’d rather read about the emotional connection we have with images, and how to make that connection stronger. I care more about why an image was made than how it was made. How comes with trial and error, but why gives great insight into a person.


5 thoughts on “Day 218/366

  1. Just happened on your blog in the WP reader. Following your 365 as I shoot the same camera as you and have really enjoyed my d7000. Interesting shots!

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