Day 216/366

Yay Friday! After work I swung by Barnes and Noble and picked up an issue of Photo District News, and Photographically Speaking by David DuChemin. I’ve David’s other 3 books and found them incredibly inspirational. I’m sure his 4th installment will be no different. Do any of you subscribe to PDN? I get Popular Photography and American Photo, and love them both. I’ve been thinking about getting PDN as well, but they are a bit higher at roughly $60 a year. I can’t seem to find any reviews on whether or not it’s a consistently quality publication online either. This is only the second issue I’ve ever picked up. it’s hard to find around here for some reason. A lot of book stores don’t even carry it.

Here is today’s photo. One of the many rural side roads on the way to my house. Funny side note: When I lived in North Dakota we used to joke that the state tree was the telephone pole because there were so few trees.


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