Day 212/366

I’m not really sure what I was going for here. I just wanted a reason to play with my flash. I’ve always liked the grittier, textured portraits of people, so I tried to create one of myself. I asked Megan her opinion of it and she said it was terrifying. Not exactly the response I wanted lol. Any other opinions?



10 thoughts on “Day 212/366

  1. I dig it. Nice composition and I like the contrast that the flash has given your face, mainly your hair. Most people go for the soft portrait, but without the flash this portrait wouldn’t have been as cool!

  2. I like it! The specular highlights in your eyes and the definition of your beard is great. Love the composition. As far as self-portraits, sometimes the only face you can find is your own. And when you want to try something out, what are ya gonna do? Been there. Done that.

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