Day 200/366

Post 200!!! This photo challenge is moving right along. Today I picked up a new lens, a 35mm prime. On a DX crop camera 35mm is actually 50mm. This is considered a “normal” lens or focal length. Normal meaning, this is roughly how we really see things with our eyes. Back in the days of film, this is the focal length most cameras came with, or so I’ve read. I’ve never shot a roll of film in my life.

But why would someone only want one focal length you might ask? Primes are a lot sharper than zoom lenses, especially the consumer level ones. They are also a lot less cumbersome, making them a good choice for a walk around/take anywhere lens. This will be my go to lens while I’m out and about at restaurants, or walking around town. It’s also a great lens for street photography since the lenses smaller size is less intimidating to passersby. The shorter focal range also requires me to get up close and personal with my subjects, creating much more intimate photos.

6 thoughts on “Day 200/366

  1. Congrats on 200!! I’m anxious to see how you like this focal length and how it works out in daily shooing. The SLR I just picked up came with a 50mm, if that lends any credence to your guess 🙂

    • So far I like it a lot just from playing around. It feels nice to raise my camera to my eye and still see the same composition, and not some drastically different perspective. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for head shots because you’d have to be pretty close to fill the frame, but as a general purpose lens I think it’s going to be great. The minimum focusing distance is really tight too, that should make for some great food shots. I’m hoping to make it out to downtown St. Louis again this weekend to attempt some street photography. If I lived in a big city like Chicago or New York I think I’d be out shooting street every day!

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