Day 197/366

Megan brought my old Nikon D70s along with her on the photowalk yesterday. This is the first time she’s used a DSLR, and the first time my D70s has been used in quite a long time. I started out thinking I would use the D70s as the subject of today’s photo to commemorate the occasion. I actually shot quite a few photos of it. Then, as I was standing in the kitchen telling Megan how much different the D70s felt in my hand compared to my D7000, I snapped a quick photo. Being Megan, she quickly hid, but I still like it. I figured I could take pictures of my D70s any day, but I could only capture this moment once, which is why I’m sharing it instead.


2 thoughts on “Day 197/366

  1. I like it… There’s something about the look in Megan’s eyes, the arch of her brow and her fingers on the cup that lend a rather mischievous feel to the photograph. As in, what exactly is she up to? Makes you think…

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