Day 192/366

I had to travel to Kansas City today on business. I had hoped to find something to shoot along the way, but highway 70 is littered with nothing but cornfields and gas stations. After I checked into my hotel I decided to explore the surrounding area a bit. There was a parking lot that let me get rather close to the interstate so I thought I might to a delayed shutter shot of the traffic. How original right? Well, for better or worse, I never made it to the interstate; just the parking lot. Recently I’ve seen street photography shots of pedestrians in these huge striped crosswalks, and there was also a piece on the famous Beetles crosswalk photo. As a result, crosswalks were floating in my subconscious. I don’t spend a lot of time near vast, dark, empty parking lots, but they look a lot more interesting like that than they do in the harsh sun and filled with cars. I started off getting a shot using my tripod, but wasn’t terribly happy with the results so I figured I’d get lower. If all else fails, lay down and get the shot lol. Yup, yet another Denzil is laying on his stomach in public places to get a photo moment.

I used  my 18-105 for this shot as well. With the vibration reduction turned on, I was actually able to handhold this shot with a shutter speed of 1/5 sec.


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