Day 191/366

I took Indy for a walk tonight since the heat wave has finally passed. I usually shoot with my 18-70, but tonight I brought my 18-105. The 18-70 came with my D70s, so it’s older, but it’s touted (amongst the interwebs at least) to be one of the best “kit lenses” Nikon has ever produced. Compared to the 18-105, it’s faster throughout it’s focal range, has a metal mount, and autofocuses faster. Reading all that shortly after getting the D7000, I never really gave the 18-105 a chance. I thought now might be a good time to do so.

Do you have a favorite lens? Favorite focal range?


5 thoughts on “Day 191/366

  1. I really wish my 18-70mm lens that came with my old D70s would have lasted longer 😦 …i was so heartbroken when it started jamming, and to this day would love to replace it with another newer one. It was a fantastic lens!

  2. My favourite “lens” is not a lens at all, but rather filters that magnify my 18-55 mm. That’s how I get my macro shots. My second favourite is a 70-300 with a normal and a macro setting. Anything that lets me do macros really…

  3. Great color!! Love how it stands out from the background!

    My fav is my Canon 60mm macro, but shoot 75% the time with my 18-55 kit lens

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