Day 171/366

Now that I’m not studying anything I’ve actually been able to take the time to read and enjoy it. I didn’t really become a reader until I was about 23. Finding a good book has always been kind of difficult to me, and I probably still don’t know what I really like for sure. Reading the backs has never been much of a help, and friend recommendations have fallen flat too many times to trust them. It’s not as simple as going to rent a movie that you’ve already seen previews for, and then if it isn’t good you’ve only wasted 2 hours of your life. There are thousands of books and authors in a book store, and no way to tell if what you’re investing in is any good. If it turns out that it isn’t, you could easily waste days trying to trudge through it, and sometimes it doesn’t even get finished. Chuck Palahniuk used to be one of my favorite authors. I guess you could say that he still is since I’ve loved the majority of his books, but his latest offerings just haven’t appealed to me. I haven’t even bothered to read his last 3 because the reviews I’ve read share my disappointment. I had the opportunity to go to a book signing and release party for Snuff. Having never read the book, I figured I’d have that one autographed since it was the reason for the occasion. It turned about to be my least favorite book he’s ever written. I should have had him sign Rant or Choke. His books have always been disturbing, but it’s been in a good way. You’re always curious to see what happens next, and he can make you like even the strangest of characters. It seems like he’s running dry on creativity though, and relying on pure shock value alone. I don’t have very high hopes for any new instant classics, but I plan on rereading a few of my favorites soon. I only hope that I enjoy them as much as the first time I read them. Maybe that’s why I’ve never reread a book? I’m too afraid that I won’t love it as much the next time through. Taking this photo has made me realize that I need to add Survivor to my collection. I’ve read it, but don’t own it. Shame on me.


6 thoughts on “Day 171/366

  1. I agree entirely that he’s relying mostly on shock value rather than telling a quality story. He always has a unique premise for his books, but in about half of his books the story seems to fall apart. Invisible Monsters is probably his best book, after that it’s a debate between Fight Club, Lullaby, and Choke (I’d say Choke is his second best).

    • I really loved everything until Haunted came out. I didn’t even finish the book. Rant came out and I devoured it. There were parts that I thought were pointlessly over the top, but I loved the story as a whole, and I loved the writing style. It’s a tie between that and Choke for me as far as favorites go. I was extremely disappointed with Snuff, and I’m honestly shocked I finished it, but I haven’t wasted my time reading anything that has came after that because the reviews all echo what I’ve been feeling. Until I see a review that says the old Chuck is back he has lost a reader. When I met him at the Snuff release he asked me what my favorite book was and I told him Rant. He told me that I would love the book he is writing now, which was Pygmy. I just couldn’t bring myself to give it a try it though. Maybe I’m missing out.

      • Yeah, don’t read Pygmy. The entire book is written in a horribly obnoxious dialect, it was actually painful to read.

        I actually enjoyed Haunted, I thought it was effective in pointing out many of the excesses of our culture, but I can easily see why people could be turned off by the book. That book really feels like he was trying for shock value the whole time and nothing more.

        Rant had a lot of potential, and the idea of telling a fictional story in the style of a verbal history was really interesting. He starting losing me in that book when he started talking about the Party Crashers and I couldn’t see how they related to Rant at all, and he completely lost me with the time travel bit at the end of the book. I admit that time travel in stories is a pet peeve of mine, but it just didn’t work for me.

    • Thanks! He wrote Fight Club, if you’ve ever seen that movie. He isn’t for everyone, but he has a talent for disturbing you and entertaining you at the same time. And yes, that’s a promotional bookmark for Choke that I got at the Snuff signing. Not the most portable book mark, but if you’ve read Choke it has meaning lol.

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