Day 151/366

The Tiger Lilies have been in bloom, and I wanted to catch them before they disappeared.

Update: apparently they aren’t tiger lilies, but ditch lilies.


15 thoughts on “Day 151/366

  1. beautiful flowers. i was trying to find the spots on them – which is apparently what makes a tiger lily a tiger lily. although i think that the moniker ‘leopard lily’ would be more appropriate, LOL.
    in any case and at the risk of sounding like i am raining on your parade, these look they could actually be day lilies to me – which are also very striking as well, as your image shows. are you able to post a close-up of an individual blossom, then it would be much easier to tell 🙂
    but a rose by any other name smells just as sweet – and this is a brilliant capture. thanks for sharing.

  2. haha, you are doing your homework! it turns out that there are two types of lilies which are called tiger lilies. i only knew the oriental variety by that name before. so i learned something new. thanks!!
    just a friendly heads-up on how day lilies only bloom one day – it is the individual blossom that only blooms one day. however there so many new buds coming up on each stock, with new blossoms reappearing regularly, that it is possible for each individual lily plant to bloom for several weeks. and yet each new day that it blooms, it is a brand new blossom doing the blooming. so all those blossoms in your image are long since gone, and the ones you see today will all be new. isn’t that amazing!
    for your reference, i found an article which indicates that ditch lilies are day lilies, and the image there are similar to yours.
    this is probably too much information. 😀
    all that aside – they really are beautiful. thanks for sharing 🙂

      • for day lilies – each individual blossom on each plant blooms once, that is right. it will open in the morning, bloom all day and then whither away, never to bloom again. the next morning it will be a brand new bud that it is doing the opening – on the same lily plant. and so the same day lily plant may be blooming for a couple of weeks. but each individual blossom only blooms for a day. i suspect that is why they are called day lilies. does that make sense?
        for example, here is a day lily in the morning on my webshots site, with my moniker as ‘christianchen’ so it is really me:
        and here is a day lily in the late afternoon, with its colour fading. this one will not be back again. once it closes shop for the evening, that is it forever, however the plant will have a new blossom which will be opening again the next day:
        hope that helps 🙂

      • that is right – it’s the same flower plant. however every blossom that opens is a brand new one. you can see on your image that each plant has a blossom, but also other buds that are waiting to open on another day, and your featured blossom in the upper half, left of centre, also has an old withered blossom hanging to the left from the day before. such a brilliant capture. so in each case, for each bud – it is here today and gone tomorrow, literally.
        but yes – the flower plant itself will stand up to the season, and continue producing new blossoms, almost every morning until the season is over. it is quite an amazing process.

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