Day 132/366

This is actually a macro of 3 really small flowers. I believe I’ve mentioned before that I use my 50mm lens with a reversing ring on it for my macro shots. It works pretty well, but there is such a narrow plane of focus that it can be difficult to get the exact result you want. I eventually hope to have a real macro lens….as well as many other lenses hehe.


9 thoughts on “Day 132/366

  1. Well, I cheated a bit on macro “lenses” – I bought 4 filters that you put on your lens and that allows you to do macro shots. The filters cost me all of $14.95 (including a case!) on Amazon. The filters are 1x, 2x, 4x and 10x magnification and if you put them all together you can get some interesting shots as well. Just a thought…I now have a lens that does macro from a greater distance which is great, but I still use my filters a lot as well.

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