Day 130/366

It was beautiful out today, and if one thing stood out above all else it was the big fluffy clouds in the sky.

I’ve been looking for opportunities to utilize higher f/stops and wider focal points since it seems like so many of my photos are closeup and shallow dof. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but shooting every day has made me want a little variety, which is one of the benefits of this photo project. It forces me to look at things differently, and explore different aspects of photography.

Maybe my lens is just dirty again, but it seems like I had some more spots show while shooting wide open like this. I really hope it isn’t the sensor.

Comments and critiques are welcome, as always.


3 thoughts on “Day 130/366

  1. Funny – today I was driving along and looking at some really cool clouds thinking how I can never capture clouds well. You, on the other hand, did an amazing job.

  2. Beautiful balance and the colors are gorgeous! I know what you mean about this project. Everything you said I understand. Some days I get up and don’t have a clue what I’ll shoot but something always shows up.

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