Day 125/366

Curiosity killed the cat…or so they say.

This is Evey. I affectionately refer to her as Stinky Butt, or the Tailless Terror. The neighbor found her sleeping under their vehicle when she was about 10 weeks old, and we took her in. We’re not entirely sure why she has no tail, since we have no idea who the parents are, but it’s possible she is a Manx. A Manx is a species of cat that doesn’t develop a tail due to a genetic mutation that developed over time from a small island population of cats. She earned the name Tailless Terror because she runs through the house about like the Tasmanian Devil does on Looney Tunes, and she’s always harassing Indy and leaping after his tail. She’s clearly jealous. She also LOVES to take full speed running leaps and pounce me in the middle of the night while I sleep. Evey can be sweet too…when she’s sleeping hehe. She earned the name Stinky Butt, because for the longest time, she’d fart on my the moment she sat on my lap….and also in her sleep. She seems to have forgotten that lovely talent though, thankfully.

8 thoughts on “Day 125/366

  1. We had five or six Manx kitties growing up, the youngest is still alive and kicking (although quite feebly since he is 20 years old). His nickname was Stinky Butt too but for an entirely different reason. Let’s just say you’re lucky Evey appears to be a short hair kitty. 😉

    • Evey may have short hair, but I know exactly what you’re talking about lol. I had to help her wipe a few times at first. I was afraid we were in for a real handful, but those issues have gone away. She even managed to pee on me in her sleep a couple of times when she was really little lol.

    • She was unaware. I’ve seen her doing this a few times before though, and knew I wanted to get a photo of it one day. When she was smaller, I caught her peeking over the edge of the tub like this, but she had her hind legs lifted off the ground a bit. It was adorable, but by the time I got my camera she moved on.

      • Just precious! I think you captured this perfectly! I have to forward this to a friend of mine in San Francisco. She is a cat sitter and LOVES cats of all kinds.

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