Day 60/366

I’m a pretty big fan of watches, and Fossil has always been my favorite. I got my first Fossil watch back in 1999, and I still have it to this day. I received the watch in this photo a few days ago from Megan as a “yay you got a job” gift. She did a great job picking it out. I love the gunmetal finish, and the deep blue face. She also got to pick out the tin it came in, and apparently talked them out of two. The one featured has a bunch of print shop designs on it, and the other one I got has a camera on it. What can I say, the girls knows me well hehe. And yes I know the date is wrong. I have it set that way so it will roll over to be the 1st tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Day 60/366

  1. Great picture! I love taking watch photography, as well :). Followed. I might do a challenge like you are….. eventually. 🙂

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