Day 57/366

One area of photography that I would like to explore and improve upon is photographing places. I’ve seen some amazing photos that really capture the atmosphere and pulse of a location, but I never feel like my location photos are that strong. Some photographers are gifted enough to really make you feel like you are there, and can trigger almost longing to want see and feel what they are feeling at that moment. They photograph a location like it’s a living, breathing entity. Maybe it’s something I’ll hone in on, maybe it isn’t, but if I don’t explore I’ll never find out.

My original photo idea was to go take a picture of the restaurant that I ate at last night, Clevelend-Heath. It’s this unique farmhouse style pub that has a very classy feel despite my contrary description. The place is closed on Sunday’s, but I wanted to get a picture of the sign stenciled on the outside window, and do it in a manner that would let you peer in on the sleeping location. Things didn’t pan out. The stenciled lettering was actually much higher than street level than I realized last night, since the flooring is raised, and the owner was in there going about her business. Since I didn’t want to look like some creeper weirdo, I just moved along.


2 thoughts on “Day 57/366

  1. I love the stories with your photos. I always wonder what would have happened if you just took the photos through the window. Would I be bailing you out of jail? Would you have met a supercool owner that opened up the store for you to photograph for an hour or two? What could have been? Makes me want to take more risks in life.

    • I actually considered knocking on the door and seeing if I could be let in to have a free run of the place, but I decided against it. I actually met the owner the night before, so it’s possible she would have remembered me, and would have been fine with it, but I’ll never know. Maybe I’ll try and set something more official up, and turn copies of the prints over to them for them to use.

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