Day 52/366

I don’t mean to post such similar pictures so close together, but out of the photos I took as I was getting out of work, this turned out the best. The sky was cloudy enough to give a moody feel to the sunset. I stopped down to expose for the sky, and it helped naturally frame the silhouetted tress in shadow.


7 thoughts on “Day 52/366

  1. Striking silhouettes.
    Although I am no pro, if this had been my click, I think for posting purposes I may have cropped a bit more off the top, beyond the top of the trees, leaving a narrower band of darkness at the top than on the bottom of the image. That way the approaching darkness would still be there, but it would still be taking a distant second place to the fiery sky of the moment. Just a thought, but then I am no pro. 🙂

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