Day 50/366

We’re 50 days in! A bit of a late post today. This may start to be the norm since I am now gainfully employed, and start my new career tomorrow. Since the days are getting a bit longer, and will continue to do so, I should have enough daylight to always get something on the way home. Let’s just hope my commute offers plenty of interesting subjects! Anyway, on to today’s photo. I saw this building across the street from the gas station I was filling up at, and since I always have my camera with me now, I went over to grab a few photos. I’m pretty sure i got plenty of weird looks from the others filling up, but I’m getting used to being the weird guy with the camera.


6 thoughts on “Day 50/366

  1. Great, Denzil, what is your job to be? Is it in your line of business or have you gone in another direction?
    Good photo, only someone with a real photographer’s eye is going to pick up on curling paintwork…

  2. great post. lol, weird guy with the camera. i often think of myself the same.. weird gal with the camera 😉

  3. Not weird at all… They’re the weird ones who walk past amazing sights each day without ever taking the time to appreciate the beauty in everyday life. You’re on point brother!

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