Day 49/366

Today I had my first encounter with a property owner while I was out taking pictures. I was walking around the abandoned lot that I had visited a few times before, and I saw an older man slowly driving up on a blue tractor. I waved and said hello, and he said, “what the f*&#@ are you doing?” I showed him the back of my camera and explained I was just out taking photos. He explained that in the past he has had problems with people trying to steal the iron and scrap it. After we chatted for a few minutes, and I assured him I was not taking anything but photos, he laughed and said, “I guess that’s one way to meet a neighbor,” and then rode away on his tractor.


5 thoughts on “Day 49/366

  1. Haha, something like this happened to me once; I was photographing a bird and a guy in a motorcycle got closer and said that the owner of the place where I was at that moment, was about to get there and if he saw me there he could start shooting to get me scared and out of his property…

    Love the texture here! Nicely done!

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