Day 35/366

Ski is a bit of a local celebrity in terms of soda. It’s bottled and sold at the Excel Bottling Company in the small town of Breese, IL.  It’s a citrus soda similar in taste to Mountain Dew, but better in my opinion. It still comes in old style glass bottles, and is even made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. When you’re done with a case you take it back, and they’ll either give money back for the bottles, or the deposit can be put towards another case. We always put it towards another case. Another staple of the area, that is also home to Breese, is Wally’s. It’s an old fashioned hamburger stand that has been around since the 50’s. It has outside seating, and you walk up to order your food. There is a small dining section inside, but it’s usually too packed to ever get to. All of their food is delicious. The hamburger is so fresh it’s actually ground there. You can’t beat that! Oh, and they serve fountain ski there as well!


One thought on “Day 35/366

  1. Sounds great.
    There used to be an old Wally’s around the same vintage in my corner of the planet, too. I don’t think they served ski or that it was related to yours. But the burgers were apparently awesome, or so everyone said. Will never be able to find out for myself, though. Always thought I should try them out but I put it off too long.
    It was closed some time ago and it is making way for a new construction project. Nice to know that somewhere there still is a Wally’s serving old-fashioned burgers!

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