Day 31/366

One month down, and only eleven to go! If you look in the reflection of the right hubcap you can see yours truly laying on the ground. I’ve found that more often than not, I’m laying on the ground trying to get a shot. I’m not sure why I like things from that perspective, but I do. While Megan and I were visiting friends in Portland last August, we made a trip to the Japanese Gardens, and I, of course, had my camera. The gardens there are absolutely beautiful. I forget what it was I saw in this specific instance, but there was something low to the ground that caught my eye. I looked around to make sure no one was anywhere nearby, and then lay on my stomach to get the shot that I wanted. Sure enough, I get up and there is a line of 10 people behind me looking at me weird. Where did they come from? It’s like they were silently waiting for their chance to strike! So if you’re out and about and see some crazy photographer laying on the ground, it’s normal, really it is. Just give them a second and they will be on their way.


7 thoughts on “Day 31/366

  1. That story is funny. Sometimes I would like to get shots at different perspectives though i worry what people may think. Great shots Denzil

  2. Gasp!! I love this! The reflections the colors the perspective! Is that a fence post in the rim reflection on the left time? If it is I love it even more! Nice work 🙂

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