Day 29/366

My girlfriend really can’t take any photo seriously, even if she’s just posing as my hand model. The original idea behind this was to have  her leaning in with her fingers lightly around the cup. Hot cup of coffee, cozy flannel. Trying to portray the slow, lazy weekend. This shot was just a lot more fun. Now it’s the slow, lazy, goofy weekend : )



9 thoughts on “Day 29/366

    • Thanks! it definitely is more fun that way. I’d love to incorporate more goofy personal moments into this project, but I guess I just feel more comfortable with still life. I’d like to try and add more of a human element to my images though. Beyond actual portrait shoots, I haven’t really explored that much.

      • It’s hard, I know. Lately I’ve posted several times about my personal musings and with that came more personal photos. It was hard for me because I wanted to just post “those” shots – the ones that were really good photos that stood on their own. Life has a way, though, of needing to be shown. (I’m actually considering starting a second blog to keep my world’s from colliding…)
        Whatever you decide, your photos are amazing so I look forward to them all.

  1. Love this one! Check out my post for today. I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”:

    Don’t feel obligated to follow through on acceptance, if this type of thing is not your thing… But I’ve really enjoyed your blog and my gesture of including you among the nominees was out of a genuine interest in bringing more attention to the outstanding work you do.

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