Day 25/366

It’s been raining most of the day, and eventualy dropped below freezing. Capturing the ice forming on the branches seemed like the obvious choice for today’s photo. This is a little more cluttered than I usually aim for, but I think the silhouettes of the tree and the branches add to the dark mood of the image. Your thoughts and critiques are more than welcome.




4 thoughts on “Day 25/366

  1. It’s interesting how in a “big” shot, the eye is drawn immediately to the drops and the icicles that are relatively tiny. the one branch, almost dead centre, that curves up subtly makes this shot.
    I understand the “cluttered” idea – I agree with crafthanded though that the blurred parts make it not truly cluttered.

    • I’ve tried reading a bit on composition theory, and about how our eyes are naturally drawn to certain areas first. I really can’t say I look at a scene with any of that in mind, but it’s interesting to try and understand. I use it more to identify possible distracting elements more than anything. I felt the yes we’re drawn to the focal point, but since I’m biased I wasn’t sure that it was the case for everyone. It’s very helpful to hear other people’s thoughts. Thanks!

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