Day 19/366

Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? The only downside to this is that your breakfast might get cold if you play too long. My original idea was to get a shot of my oatmeal and biscuits together, and have honey being drizzled onto the oats. The focus would have been the golden stream of honey coming down on the oats; that’s how it looked in my head anyway. Unfortunately, the light from the window wasn’t enough to really illuminate the honey and all of its gloriousness, so I abandoned that idea to focus on the jelly biscuits. From there the challenge was finding a pleasing composition and angle. I started with the two biscuits, then added the jelly jar to help fill the frame. There was still too much empty space, but once I added the knife laying on the lid things seemed much more balanced. Who would have imagined so much thought would have gone into a photo of one’s breakfast? What did you have for breakfast?


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