Day 6/366

Today I made sure to shoot a little earlier so I wouldn’t be as limited as I was yesterday. I started shooting things with the idea of product photography in mind. I’ve started reading Visionmongers by David duChemin, and it has inspired me to focus more on specific niches of photography to determine what I like to shoot the most. I love to shoot for just the sake of shooting, but eventually, if you decide to make a business out of it, you need to find out what area of the market you want to venture into. I haven’t settled on any one area yet, but I’m just trying to state the mindset I was in creating this image. Either way, I highly recommend the book to anyone that is passionate about photography.

8 thoughts on “Day 6/366

  1. Thanks! One of my biggest challenges ahead of me is having a better understanding of light, and the absence of it. I have a good enough understand to notice pleasing light when it’s available, but I want to know enough to modify it, and make it more dramatic. I plan on playing with creative light a lot in the days to come. Part of the reason I decided to undertake this photo challenge was because it would force me to keep exploring something new. I refuse to post the same images over and over, and this challenges forces me to step out of comfort zone and explore new techniques to ensure I can keep creating interesting and pleasing images.

  2. You might check out – he is fantastic about light and writes a lot of tutorials and reviews. I”m getting started with the light stuff too.

    • Hey KC! I’ve already spent quite a bit of time on that blog, and actually just purchased the starving student strobist kit from Midwest Photo Exchange with my xmas money. I didn’t buy the flash or the remote triggers, but I got the rest of it. It’s a great site. I need to start attempting some of the assignments soon.

      • Me too. My mom is getting me a flash for Christmas in addition to the 3-light set up so once I get it, I’m going to start working on my lighting stuff. I got the LumePro flash that was recommended on the Strobist site.

      • I’m just using the SB 600 I’ve had for a few years now. If I had the money I’d get an SB 700 and start messing with a multiple light setup. I figure that I should get good with just one light first, and build on that. Either way, I’m excited to play with lighting.

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