Day 5/366

I almost ran into trouble getting today’s shot. I was originally going to post a self portrait, but since it was dark by the time I started this, I was limited to the white walls of my house as a backdrop. It ended up looking something along the lines of a yearbook photo, and I really didn’t feel like sharing that lol. Instead, I started thinking about other items that represent me in a way, and I decided to take a picture of my Scion keychain, since I drive an xD. I love my xD too. It gets great gas mileage, has no shortage of cup holders, it has an iPod dock, and the back seats fold down so I can load it up with a mountain bike or camping gear.


4 thoughts on “Day 5/366

  1. That is a beautiful photograph. Scion should use it as a publicity shot.
    But I think your reasons for liking your car are really hilarious! A lot of cup holders? In Europe we rarely drink in our cars I think, except on long trips maybe? I don’t even know if my car has cup holders, OK well I think there’s one, but I had never realized it was a cup holder, in which I keep my small change for parking meters! I’m sorry Denzil, I’m only chuckling at the bizarre differences in our cultures! (Should I be posting this at all? Am I giving offense?)

    • No offense taken at all! I love hearing about cultural differences. I’ve yet to really make it out of the US to observe them myself. I’m just big on creature features. While it does have a lot of cup holders, the car is still small and closer to European size. I joke and tell people it’s a go kart. Speaking of European cars, and it’s French too, I love the Citroen Xsara hatchback. I wish they were over here.

      • Glad no offense taken, I always seem to be being careful what I say, but sometimes not careful enough!
        I have a Citroën Berlingo, the new model which is bigger than the original Berlingo, too big really. But what fantastic fuel consumption (800km for a fill however much that is, probably 45litres), safety (airbags everywhere) and boot (trunk) space,simply enormous even without the back seats down. Next time I climb into it, I’ll look for and count cup holders!

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