Day 15: Silhouette

One of my favorite photos I’ve taken was of a couple on the beach, sitting on a log at sunset. It made an absolutely beautiful silhouette. That and a couple of other from that afternoon are the only silhouette photos I’ve taken, so it isn’t something I usually play with, although I should do more in that realm because I love the end result. But, since I’m back in the midwest, without an ocean, and it’s a pretty gloomy day, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do for today’s theme. Then, all of a sudden it hit me. I could see the scene from Indiana Jones where he is standing in the doorway, with bright lights behind him, in a perfect silhouette. I’m pretty sure each movie starts with a silhouette of him, or at least his hat. I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan, and clearly a huge dork.

I also took this shot while I was setting up for it. I love it too much not to share it. PS-I hope you’re all whistling the theme song.


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