30 Day Photo Challenge

For the month of November I will be taking one photo a day as part of a 30 day photo challenge. I’ve been pretty swamped with classes, but I’m pretty excited to have an excuse to take a break and use my camera. Below are the themes for each day. I will be posting what I come up with each day, and I encourage everyone to participate whether they are sharing the results or not.

Nov 1: Self-Portrait
Nov 2: What you wore today
Nov 3: Clouds
Nov 4: Something green
Nov 5: From a high angle
Nov 6: From a low angle
Nov 7: Fruit
Nov 8: A bad habit
Nov 9: Someone you love
Nov 10: Childhood memory
Nov 11: Something blue
Nov 12: Sunset
Nov 13: Yourself with 13 things
Nov 14: Eyes
Nov 15: Silhouette
Nov 16: Long exposure
Nov 17: Technology
Nov 18: Your shoes
Nov 19: Something orange
Nov 20: Bokeh
Nov 21: Faceless self-portrait
Nov 22: Hands
Nov 23: Sunflare
Nov 24: Animal
Nov 25: Something pink
Nov 26: Close-up
Nov 27: From a distance
Nov 28: Flowers
Nov 29: Black & White
Nov 30: Self-portait


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