SIUE Campus Shoot

Last week I met up with Mere for a photo session. For the location she chose SIUE’s campus. With all the trees, structures, various art, and the campus botanical gardens, there were plenty of interesting spots to take photos. I was very disappointed to see that they had removed the swings from the Quad though; those would have made for some really fun photos. Mere has had past modeling experience so she was a natural at varying her expressions and poses. She was a pleasure to work with.

The shoot went extremely well, but started off with a slight quirk. After the first few shots I quickly realized that I had the ISO set at 2500. I honestly couldn’t tell you why either, as I’ve never shot anything with that high of an ISO. Maybe I was fiddling earlier in the day and managed to forget to reset it. I thought for sure the photos would be useless when I got to them in post, but I was actually very wrong. The D7000’s high ISO capabilities have been spoken very highly of, but until now I hadn’t had any first hand experience. Here is one of the ISO 2500 images…

As you can see, a very usable image. I’d be curious to see if it does as well in lower light. Here are a couple more of my favorites from the day.


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